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The products are supplied under the Quality-Part brand. The presently offered range covers mainly fast moving items, which are commercialised in large quantities.

The Quality-Part products Quality Guarantee is one of the main advantages, while the very reasonable prices and the fast deliveries, of usually 2 to 4 working days, are also major factors of the Quality-Part sales success.

The company policy is to co-operate with a limited number of serious and loyal customers, as well as to respect and assist its customers and sales collaborators to the maximum.

The company succeeded in entering the Italian, Spanish and Greek markets within 5 months of starting its organised sales activities in January 2006. More worldwide markets are under development and expected to be served in the near future.


I. Ioannou Tob. Co. Inc., N. Limnou O. Diamanti 5, 54626 Thessaloniki Greece,
Phone: +30-2310-524426, Fax: +30-2310-536066
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